Therapeutic Massage

Massage is the use of hands to knead, stretch and gently manipulate the body towards greater comfort and health. The rhythmic strokes and delicious luxury of a massage enables the recipient to achieve states of deep relaxation. I usually use oil to lubricate my hands and arms, and to enhance the pleasure and comfort of the treatment. However non-oil and clothed massage is also available for those who may require, or prefer it.

Before the first massage starts I take a full case history so I can determine the most appropriate treatment. Clients will usually need to remove their clothes down to their underwear, and will be invited to lie on the treatment table where they will be warmly covered. If a client is unable to lie down we can work in other positions that they do find comfortable.

My massage does not cause pain as I invite clients to tell me exactly how they are experiencing the treatment , and I adapt what I am doing accordingly. Because I am working with what clients tell me both verbally and through their bodies, I tend to work deeply and extensively with a few areas of the body in each session. I am happy to offer a full body massage but would suggest that you book either 90 or 120 minutes for this.

Many people assume that massage is useful just for musculoskeletal problems. However its effects and benefits go much deeper than that. As the soft tissues are eased, the bony skeleton of our body can reorganise. This in turn enables nerves and organs to rest in more optimal conditions, potentially improving their health and function also.

A massage session is always a much appreciated gift whether at times of celebration (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations etc) or when help is needed (post-operative, postnatal, following an illness or a difficult time). Gift vouchers are available.