About Me

Sheila Kean Massage and Craniosacral TherapistI initially worked as a secondary school teacher, teaching science, mainly Biology, and Psychology. My first experiences of massage quite literally changed my life! One result of that was that I realised that the study of complementary medicine was something that I wanted to pursue. Initially I assumed that I would be offering a few treatments a week in addition to my school teaching. However within a few years of beginning my studies I no longer had the time to teach in school and my total enthusiasm had transferred to working as a complementary therapist.

My massage training in 1985-6 was at the Fountain Clinic in Somerset. After qualifying as massage therapist I assisted on that course for a number of years. I also studied Craniosacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills at the Karuna Institute in 1986-7. Once again I was lucky enough to be invited to assist on Craniosacral trainings in London within a few years of my graduation. This "apprenticeship" with both my massage and Craniosacral work enabled me to create a solid and unshakeable foundation on which I still stand today. I have been in continuous practice since 1986, and am just as thrilled to go to work now, as I was then. Each client that I see gifts me more understanding and knowledge of the incredible human form and nature.

In 1991 I founded the Maitri Foundation to provide professional trainings in Therapeutic Massage. I was the principal tutor on this course, working alongside my partner Martin Taylor right up until we moved to Cornwall in April 2010. Since then the Maitri Foundation has been having a break (largely because I have been engaged with a lot of Craniosacral teaching and Martin has been renovating the house!)

For many years, as well as my commitment to creating, developing and teaching courses for the Maitri Foundation, I have taught Craniosacral Therapy in both this country and abroad. I am lucky enough to work currently for Resonance Trainings, Craniosacral Therapy Education Trust and Body Intelligence. The joy, for me, of teaching Craniosacral Therapy is to share simply and clearly the amazing depths and complexities of the work.

I work with both massage and Craniosacral Therapy with clients of all ages and I specialise in working with babies and children.Seaton, Cornwall I taught antenatal classes for the National Childbirth Trust for over 20 years. I am absolutely passionate about enabling pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period to be as understood, easy and supported as possible.

I live with my partner Martin (who is currently retired from his therapist persona in order to be Bob the Builder). We have lived in Seaton, Cornwall since 2010 and are busy renovating our house which is perched on a hill overlooking the sea. Our two daughters are now grown up and have moved away. I am enjoying walking, gardening, and exploring my new county.